Very strong!! A Wet Willie's original. A tangy orange taste complemented by 190º grain alcohol, Premium® rum, and Premium Select®. Try with Sex on the Beach (Sexy Attitude) or Piña Colada for a Dreamsicle.
The name says it all. OUR STRONGEST DRINK!! Cherry and strawberry flavors blended with plenty of 190º grain alcohol and Premium® rum. Try with Shock Treatment® or swirl with Attitude Improvement and Sex on the Beach for a Triple Play.
Electrify the senses with this mix of lemonade, Blue Curaco, and 190º grain alcohol* . Try with Call A Cab® or Margarita for a Multi-Volt experience.
Almost as good as the real thing, but without the sand. Made with raspberry, peach, cranapple, and vodka. Try with Attitude Improvement (Sexy Attitude), Monkey Shine (Rum Runner), Shock Treatment (Purple Haze), or blend it with Call A Cab and Attitude Improvement for a Triple Play.
The best margarita in 9 states! A PERFECT MARGARITA! Made with Premium® Gold Tequila.
Refreshingly crisp green apple with just the right amount of sweetness and the perfect complement of vodka for some kick.
Made with real Mango fruit. You'll swear you're on a Caribbean Island. Fortified with Premium® rum.
This banana daiquiri may bring out the animal in you. Made with banana and just the right complement of Premium® rum. Try with Strawberry (Banana Berry), Pina Colada (Banana Colada), Attitude Improvement (King Kong) or blend with Strawberry and White Russian for a Banana Split.
Tastes like a fudgesicle, but you might hear some thunder after trying this blend of real cocoa, vanilla ice cream, and vodka. Try with White Russian for a Mud Slide.
You may never like a different White Russian again after tasting ours. Made with ice cream, our special coffee flavors, 190º grain alcohol, and vodka. Try with Triple Play (Four Play), Chocolate Thunder (Mud Slide), or blend with Strawberry and Monkey Shine for a Banana Split.
Wet Willie's® frozen blend of Jack Daniel's® Whiskey and real ginger root with a hint of lemongrass.
A standard in the daiquiri "biz". Made special by our use of real strawberries blended with plenty of Premium® rum. Try with Pina Colada (Pink Flamingo) or blend with Monkey Shine and White Russian for a Banana Split.
As cool and refreshing as a night on the Caribbean. Made with coconut, pineapple juice, ice cream, and Premium® rum. Try with Monkey Shine for a Banana Colada, or blend with Attitude Improvement for a Dreamsicle.
At the urging of our calorie-conscious friends and family members, Willie took out the carbohydrates and added a generous portion of Premium® rum, creating a new, delicious, sugar-free punch flavor, guilt-free concoction.
All the power and flavor of Call A Cab® with none of the sugar! Great alone or with any of your favorite Call A Cab® combinations!
Our non-alcoholic daiquiri. Flavors change seasonally.
Always a favorite!
Tart pink lemonade with luscious strawberries and vodka.
A Summer classic!
Juicy watermelon spiked with vodka.
A Georgia Classic made with premium rum.
A tasty blend of honeydew melon with vodka.